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MRP Strategy Feedback, December 2013:

Check out the latest feedback from MRP Strategy members …

“Things have been going so well in fact that I started calling it More Repeat Profits, but more recently I’ve dubbed it Martins Ripper Product!
“I’ve been telling other people about MRP also, but you know, I get this funny reaction- namely disbelief- they think it’s just not possible, exactly the same reaction I would have had a couple of years ago!!! In fact a couple of years ago I was struggling to believe I could even gain more than what the bank gave me! A big change and I’m very grateful for it.
“So anyway, a big THANK YOU is in order for making MRP available. I look forward to a profitable year in 2014.”
Darin, December 2013

MRP Strategy Update October 2013:

If you haven’t already, please make sure you’re a signed up member of Traders Bulletin by filling in the box to the right. It’s completely free and means you can read my on-going results in the comments section below. I try to keep this as up-to-date as possible, to give you a clear picture of how the strategy is faring. Have closed 4 trades so far this month, all for a profit, leaving me over £2,000 up already (and it’s only the 10th of the month!)

MRP Strategy Update July 2013:

Martin has recently enhanced the MRP Strategy indicator on this product to seriously boost its returns. And the results have been every bit as good as he promised.

It’s standing at 35 winners in a row as I write! Check out my MRP Strategy video review, which shows evidence of £23,560.97 in less than 9 weeks. Phenomenal:

Read Martin Carter’s letter here

What they say about MRP Strategy:

I’m going to bust the 3 biggest myths in trading

In this letter I will tell you:

• Exactly what these 3 false “trading rules” are

• How they are designed to lose you money

• And how you can avoid this trap.

Dear Reader

What you’re going to read here is controversial.

It’s going to go against many of the things you’ve been told about trading. And it’s going to expose the misinformation that’s been fed to us by brokers and market-makers.

I don’t doubt that many people who read this simply won’t be able to accept the “perceived wisdom” being questioned like this. But if you are willing to question the “facts” – I guarantee, you’ll never look at the financial markets in the same light again.

If you’re new to trading, the information in this letter could save you a great deal of time and heart ache.

And if you’ve trading experience, I believe that you’ll recognize the truth in what I’m about to tell you …

In this letter I will explain exactly why the market-makers and brokers want us to trade in a particular way … and I’ll explain exactly why this way of trading is very likely to work against you.

If you take nothing else from this letter, I hope it will make you question the so-called “trading education” that’s bombarded at us from institutions who themselves would never trade like this.




30 days

Where to buy:

Thames Publishing Ltd

Click here to start your risk-free trial.

Plus, you can read comprehensive feedback from the Trader’s Bulletin team of independent beta testers on this page, plus comments from LIVE traders who are actually using MRP Strategy right now.

Beta tester feedback

I asked each beta tester to tell me what they’d tell a potential MRP Strategy member about this strategy, warts and all. This is what they said …

“I would definitely recommend to anyone to try this strategy! Put away your doubts & apprehension. Forget what you think you know. Open you minds to new ideas & give this trading a go! The stats speak for themselves – 26 trades & only 2 losses giving 92% success rate. Haven’t seen that anywhere else. Just stick to the strategy, don’t get greedy & this will work. Thanks.” Tim Smith

“This is the most interesting trading system I’ve ever used and on a percentage of winners basis it beats anything else I’ve ever tried before, hands down.” Laurie Weir

“This amazing strategy has now become the only way to trade for me …. Finally something has come along that actually works and is a secret revealed as being used by the big institutions and legends of the markets. Its your turn now. Its been an amazing and awe inspiring learning curve for me and it has changed me forever as a trader. I now know to make money smartly” Alex Cohen

“If you are fed up studying charts, checking indicators, trying to find your trade entry point, then give this a try. If you want something completely different from the normal frenetic trading activity, give this a try. If your stop loss is always being hit just before the market reverses, give this a try.” Tony Jones

“When I started this trial I was a complete beginner to trading and had never looked at a screen or placed a trade in my life, and was looking to make more than my ISA and bank interest. I can confirm that MRP has surpassed all my expectations. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone, for if a 64 year old newbie like me can pick it up so easily, ANYONE could do this.
  I’d also say that because of the way MRP works, the risk factor is very low, and the fact that you don’t have to be chained to the screen all day to make regular profits means I’ll definitely be using this to make an extra tax free income.” Lewis Cray


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433 Comments to “MRP Strategy VIDEO Review”

  1. John Farrier says:

    Have you decided how much this system will cost ?
    Will it support a starting bank of £500

    • Mark Rose says:

      Hi John, Sorry I’ve not responded faster – I wanted to have more information before I replied. I’m afraid I don’t yet have a price for you, but we’ll endeavour to keep this as affordable as possible. You can trade this with £500, but I’d prefer, for comforts sake, to see a minimum bank of £750.

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Mark,

    Looks as though it is going well at present, will this be a limited release once available ?.


    • Mark Rose says:

      Hi Julian, I expect so. Demand for this is likely to be very high, so I’m still talking to Martin about what sort of numbers he’ll be able to cope with! Mark

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